Founders and leaders are often challenged in the areas of delegation, decision-making, scaling up business, leadership, executive presence, and communication. Whether you founded a start-up, are a business leader or a serial entrepreneur, through one-on-one coaching, you can:

  • Understand your leadership style to effectively manage and delegate

  • Become more strategic and set effective goals

  • Enhance your communication skills to become more persuasive and influential

  • Exude greater executive presence, including confidence, charisma and charm

  • Manage conflict and difficult interpersonal dynamics

  • Improve emotional intelligence



The ability to attract and retain top talent is still the biggest concern for businesses – large or startups – across industries. Some of the key challenges for leaders includes developing junior and midlevel staff and motivating younger employees who navigate career pains such as:

  • Sense of overwhelm and inability to handle day-to-day stress

  • Feeling unsupported by teams and managers

  • Unsure about career trajectory at agency

  • Lack of effective time and project management skill

  • Inability to manage client and manager expectations

  • Failure to effectively apply new skills and trainings

  • Not engaged around company vision and goals


Through a facilitated group process, we develop skills and abilities of your people to maximize their potential to excel at and thrive in their roles.