IT Services


As a leader of a start-up marketing, communication or creative firm, you want to ensure you're communicating your company's vision, mission and services in a compelling and effective way. But are your clients and customers truly understanding your value proposition?  This is where an outside perspective can help clarify your messaging, figure out a communication framework and make sure you're attracting high-value clients. Differentiating your brand voice in a crowded marketplace will also help attract the right talent; build strong relationships with clients; and position your company as the place for smart, talented people who share your values.


As your partner, we will help you navigate these choppy communication waters, think two steps ahead for you, and develop strategies to ensure smooth sailing. We’ll be your sounding board, brainstorm buddy and trusted advisor when you need us.



When it comes to pitching potential clients for new business, you don't really get a lot of second chances. Thus, you need to make sure you're putting your best foot forward - often with little time and no resources. From crafting a compelling deck, to making a persuasive case to wowing prospects with a dynamic presentation to establishing a relationship, there are various interconnected aspects of communication to manage -- all this while keeping current projects moving and existing clients satisfied. This is where we come in.


We become your eyes and ears and help you think from your prospect's perspective. We help refine your messaging - make it clear and compelling. We fine tune your presentation and delivery technique. We add pizzazz to your pitch and help you work the room, whatever your end goal may be -- win new clients, secure investor funding, or generate revenue and growth.