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Prisept Strategies offers customizable interactive trainings ranging from "lunch and learns" to half-day sessions to two-day intensives to enhance employee engagement, leadership development and productivity. Topics include:

  • Setting Goals That Get Results

  • 360 degrees of Managing People

  • Power Networking

  • Managing Your Career

  • Effective Client Relationships

  • How To Go From Idea To Action

  • Emotional Intelligence








This is a 3-month intensive program that entails leadership presence development in three key areas of executive presence:

  • Appearance (look and body language)

  • Behavior/gravitas (confidence, composure and emotional intelligence)

  • Communications (assertiveness, clarity and presentation skills)


Depending on your needs following a comprehensive assessment, we' will focus on one or all of the areas and create a personalized experience for you to enhance your presence and help you become and influencer and make an impact in your business.



You are your most important personal brand. Are you aware of how you come across to your stakeholders? What do you want to convey to you team, the media, investors and clients? Are you aware of your strengths and how to effectively leverage them? What impact is your personal brand having on your company’s brand? Are you aligned?


As a founder, solo- or entre-preneur or a creative freelance, taking a step back to assess your own brand and ensuring you’re conveying an authentic message in everything you do, say or create can be a crucial inflection point for your business. It’s that moment when everything in your business starts to feel “easy.” In other words, ideas flow, and you don’t have to “sell” as much. Rather you begin to own your power and speak with authenticity and integrity. You begin to draw the type of people with whom you really want to work and projects that get you excited. 

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