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Hi - I'm Priya Gopal, a certified executive coach. Thank you for your interest!


Navigating the corporate success ladder is not easy, especially if you don't have the resources and tools for support and guidance. The path to success doesn't come with a troubleshooting guide on handling a difficult manager or having tough conversations about a promotion when you’ve been overlooked or making your voice heard when you’re in the minority.


Even if you get some resources from your company, how do you make sure you’re having these conversations in a safe space, without judgement or office politics creeping in. How do you create a trusted network where you get answers to all those burning questions? How can you feel a part of a community that supports you through ups and downs?

The answers lie in Power. Presence. Influence.

Power. Presence. Influence. is a live, in-person group leadership experience created for women like you by someone who’s been in your shoes and can help you navigate through these murky waters. 


After participating in this program, you’ll:

  1. Gain clarity on your vision and set clear impactful goals 

  2. Own your authentic voice and power in everything you do

  3. Understand how to develop a strategic network of advisers

  4. Develop executive presence to convey confidence and gravitas

  5. Learn techniques to communicate effectively, assertively and persuasively 

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What is Power. Presence. Influence.?

This is a three-month leadership program for women like you looking to level up their career game.


You'll meet as a group - 6 to 10 women max - for 90 minutes every two weeks to discuss common professional challenges and work through solutions guided by an executive coach.

Why did you create this program?

The program was inspired by my own corporate journey. I didn’t have the support, guidance and mentorship as I was rising in my career. I had several pitfalls that made me question if I was ready to be a leader or if I’d ever be successful. It was disheartening and frustrating!


However, I did emerge out of the fog by embarking on my self-development quest. I was fortunate to find the right mentors, support and resources to rise up the ranks to become a senior vice president at a global PR agency. I'm now a certified executive coach from New York University and run my own company.

My mission is to give back and share what I've learned with so many women who are where I once was.
That’s why I’ve designed this program to be an interactive shared coaching and learning experience for women to level up their career game and own their Power. Presence. Influence. in everything they do.

Why is Power. Presence. Influence. right for me?

 Whether you’re starting out or looking to upgrade your career path, you have the potential to achieve so much more than you are right now.

You'll develop leadership and stakeholder management skills and receive the right tools, resources and guidance, which women in corporate careers often lack or only receive at the C-suite.

You'll be part of a curated community of like-minded smart, driven women in which you can share and learn without judgment, have tough conversations in a safe environment, and feel supported and motivated to help one another grow and succeed.

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How is this program different from other women's leadership programs?

Power. Presence. Influence. is a customized program based on first-hand research to meet the needs of women like you.

This is limited to a small group of women who’ll will drive important themes and topics based on their critical needs. This in-person program enables you to be a part of a dynamic group and receive individualized attention.

Programs such as these cost thousands of dollars and are usually only available to C-level or senior leaders, leaving many talented women like you without support. My mission is to make a leadership program of this caliber accessible to everyone.

OK I’m interested, so what should I expect?

Below is a sample curriculum for the program, which will be tweaked and refined based on your input.


Prework: You’ll fill out a survey to provide input on the program structure and outline your specific needs. This will be followed by a 15 min 1:1 follow-up call with me.


Session 1: Clarifying Your Vision and Goals - You’ll create goals in keeping with the overall theme of Power, Presence & Influence.  You’ll figure out what comprises these areas and which areas you need to prioritize.


Session 2: Building Strategic Networks -- You'll learn why creating a diverse network of sponsors, mentors and advisers will help level up your career and how to go about doing this.


Session 3: Owning Your Authentic Power -- You'll create your brand story and learn how to tell it in a compelling way that feel's authentic to you.


Session 4: Developing Executive Presence – You'll understand the key elements of executive presence and implement strategies to build your confidence and carry gravitas.


Session 5: Becoming An Influencer -- You'll learn communication techniques to manage difficult conversations, be persuasive and convey your points with assertiveness


Session 6: Creating Your Personalized Roadmap -- The final session will include how you'll take your learning forward by creating your roadmap to career success.


Each session will include time to debrief and discuss action items and takeaways.



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When does the program begin?

Enrollment is now open. We’ll start sessions week of September 9.

Where will the sessions be conducted?

We will meet in a location in Manhattan - exact details will be provided before sessions commence.

How much will the program cost?

You have two options:

Option 1: Power. Presence. Influence.

3-month Group Leadership Program: $549


Option 2: Power. Presence. Influence. Plus

3-month Group Leadership Program plus three (3) 60-minute private coaching sessions: $849

This is a special offer for personalized coaching only for Power. Presence. Influence. participants

This program is for you if YOU'RE READY TO:

  • Take your career to the next level

  • Communicate with confidence and power

  • Owning and expressing your authentic voice

  • Become and be seen as a leader

  • Unleash your inner Girlboss


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Get ready for a powerful, transformative experience in a caring, supportive environment!



Seating is limited to 8-10 participants per cohort so get individualized attention. 

Ok so what am I getting when I graduate from this program?

  • A tailored leadership program to level up your career

  • Six 90-minute facilitated discussion with smart, like-minded professional women on hot topics that are relevant and critical to your success 

  • Articles, tools and worksheets that you can use lifelong 

  • Separate office hours with your coach to answer questions during the program

  • Access to a private group/community to a lifetime of continue learning and sharing even after the program is over


How do I sign up?

Click below to register. Seating is limited so hurry before you miss your spot. Register below to reserve your spot.

The Not-So-Fine Print

Power. Presence. Influence. is a non-refundable investment. I trust you to make a wise and thoughtful decision. You're responsible for regular attendance. There will not be any make-up sessions. However, I will have office hours for Q&As and follow-ups.

To protect the privacy of what you share as well as others and maintain a safe space for sharing, you'll be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is a requirement for participation.

Power. Presence. Influence. sessions will be conducted in New York City. You're responsible for travel to and from the event location for the duration of the program.

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Option 2
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